Exercise Prescription and Programming

After an initial assessment with our Exercise Physiologist you will receive an individually designed exercise program specially for your needs.  This program will be undertaken in a supervised environment and completed within a fully equipped gym facility or clinic. Our specifically designed programs will incorporate exercises that may include:

  • Strength retraining
  • Balance training programs
  • Postural re-education
  • Stretching
  • Neural stretching
  • Core stability/pilates exercises.

Our experienced exercise physiologist and physiotherapists at Northern Beaches Physiotherapy, will prescribe exercises within each of the above categories at exactly the right point in your rehabilitation. It is also important that your exercise program is progressed at precisely the right time. At Northern Beaches Physiotherapy Clinic we are very exercise aware. You can be assured that when your treatment is complete and you have been discharged from our care, that you will have a comprehensive list of exercises. All programs are individualized and specific to your goals and needs.


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