Sports Physiotherapy

Northern Beaches Physiotherapy Clinic understands that many people within Townsville are active people. We also understand that sportsmen and women have different and quite specialised physiotherapy needs. Northern Beaches Physiotherapy Clinic has had several years experience working with the elite patient group, and we are therefore ready and willing to treat your sporting concern.

Our team draws on this experience working with the elite level sports person to quickly and accurately diagnose your problem, we are familiar with the pressures surrounding deadlines and timeframes for important return to sport dates. Once a diagnosis has been reached and you have been educated on the condition, we are able to commence effective treatment sooner.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete, a team player, a weekend warrior, or a recreational enthusiast across any sport, you can be confident that you are in expert hands with Northern Beaches Physiotherapy Clinic . Whatever the injury, whatever the sport, we have seen it, and we have returned that injury to the playing arena in the shortest possible time frame.

Our goal is your goal: ‘to get you to the stage where you are able to compete at your maximum potential, in your chosen sport, in the shortest possible time frame’.

At Northern Beaches Physiotherapy Clinic we strive to provide the highest level of sports medicine services to assist athletes in their diagnosis and rehabilitation. Our close professional relationship with medical specialists within Townsville enables all athletes in our care access to the highest level of injury management. If you have a sports related injury, or are concerned with your ability to return to sport successfully, please call 47518835 to book your initial consultation today.

Patients suffering with ankle sprains and pain, knee ligament injuries, hip joint pain, shoulder pain and instability, & elbow and wrist pain will benefit most from seeing a sports physio.

Call us today to book your initial consultation at Northern Beaches Physiotherapy Clinic.

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